Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Plate :

We have  AISI 304-316-309-310-430 quality, plain, patterned, stony nylon and decorative rustproof sheet metals in stock, from 0.40 mm up to 10 mm and other dimensions. In addition, sheet metal bending, laser cutting, Shear, punching and bending operations performed.

Stainless Steel Pipe :

We have AISI 304 and 316 quality drawn pipes in stock, of European seamy and seamless type, with diameters between 6 mm and 323.7 mm, in any wall thickness and 6 meters in length. Besides, we also have polished and tick welded pipes from 6mm up to 114.3 mm, with 1 mm- 2mm- 3 mm wall thickness and 600 grid mirror brightness.

Stainless Steel Profile :

We have AISI 304 quality square and rectangular profiles in stock, with European seams, diameter varying from 10 mm up to 150 mm, with any wall thickness and 6 meters in length.

Stainless Steel Round Bar :

We have AISI 304-303-316-310-420 quality rustproof rods in stock, from 2mm up to 200 mm, with 3m – 4m – 6m length options. Surfaces of the rods may be either bright or satined. Rods are with H9 tolerance.

Stainless Steel Lama :

We have any kind of cold drawn original lamas of AISI 304 quality in stock, with a diameter from 10 mm up to 120 mm and wall thickness from 3 mm up to 40 mm. Length varies between 4 meters and 4.80 meters.

Stainless Steel Angel :

We have AISI 304 quality original L brackets in stock, from 20x20x3 up to 100x100x10 mm and 8 meters in length.